Hatha Yoga Practitioner Certificate


1 Year Part Time 500 hours


Monday 24th February, 2020

Saturday 29th February, 2020

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General Information

This course is comprised of 500 hours of training which is a combination of course contact hours and home study. The Hatha Yoga Practitioner Certificate forms the first year of the 'Advanced Diploma of Yoga'. There are no formal requirements for this course, however, it is desirable that applicants show a high level of maturity and have a genuine interest in deepening their knowledge and experience of yoga. Applicants should also have an interest in health and wellbeing together with a commitment to personal growth, they should have a sincere interest in working towards their own yoga practice and spiritual development and a willingness to journey into the deeper realms of spirit and the mysteries of life.


About the Course

The Yoga Studies Hatha Yoga Practitioners Certificate has been designed to allow practitioners of yoga to receive quality education and training without the need to undertake extensive studies leading to a yoga teaching qualification.  At VIYETT we understand that not all people seeking education and training in the field of Yoga want to teach yoga as a profession. Often the need for further studies and training comes about when a student reaches a certain level of maturity in their practice and thus begins a journey to uncover the deeper meaning of yoga and life.


When the student reaches this level of maturity in their practice they often need guidance and training to assist them in broadening and developing their understanding of yoga and to help them move forward on their chosen life path


Yoga is a science of life and a path of personal development. Through the study of yoga one is able to gain deeper insight into life itself and equip oneself with the necessary skills to achieve lifetime goals. The Yoga Studies Course presents yoga as a complete system drawing on the classical teachings and traditions of Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda and the ancient traditions of Tantra, together with the esoteric and philosophical teachings of Patanjali's system of the eight limbs of yoga  are also studied and integrated throughout all practices. Trainees will gain knowledge in all of the theoretical and practical aspects of yogic discipline.

Curriculum Yoga Studies


  • VIY001 Asana 1A
  • VIY002 Pranayama 1A
  • VIY003 Mudra and Bandha 1A
  • VIY004 Shatkarma 1A
  • VIY005 Relaxation and Meditation Practices 1A
  • VIY006 Yogic History, Philosophy and Culture 1A
  • VIY007 Yogic Physiology 1A
  • VIY008 Integrative Yogic Practices 1A
  • VIY009 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 1A
  • VIY010 Yogic Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle 1A
  • VIY011 Styles of Hatha Yoga 1A
  • VIY012 Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety 1A
  • VIY013 Introduction to Teaching Principles 1A

Upon successful completion of the Yoga Studies course trainees may exit the course or undertake a further year of studies to become eligible to receive the 'Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching' and will qualify for full yoga teaching certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

2020 February Course Dates

  • Monday 24th February , 2020
  • Saturday 29th February, 2020

2019 Student Information Session

  • Saturday 7th December, 2019 (1.00pm-2.00pm)

2020 Student Information Session

  • Saturday 25th January, 2020 (1.00pm-2.00pm)
  • If you are unable to attend the information session please give us a call and make an appointment to come in and discuss your study options with us.

The Aim of The Course


The course is suitable for people wishing to develop a deeper understanding and experience of yoga. The course is designed to provide trainees with an introduction to the historical and philosophical background of Yoga while gaining an understanding of the major paths and styles of Hatha Yoga. The knowledge and experience gained from the course will provide a solid foundation for personal practice and an understanding of healthy living principles and the ability to apply this knowledge to the life experience. The course will also provide the foundational studies for the VIYETT Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching of which the Hatha Yoga Practitioner Certificate course is the prerequisite..


Learning Outcomes

The VIYETT Hatha Yoga Practitioners Certificate Course will provide participants with all of the practical skills, philosophical understanding and scientific knowledge required to become an advanced practitioner of yoga and/or a competent teaching assistant working under supervision in a yoga centre or similar environment.

Further Studies

Students who successfully complete the Hatha Yoga Practitioner Certificate and wish to further their studies by undertaking an additional year of study in the 'Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching' will become eligible to apply for a full teaching membership with Yoga Australia. The Director of VIYETT Maya Hansajati is a senior level 3 Yoga Teacher/Trainer.


If you have any queries in relation to any of the courses please do not hesitate to contact Maite Rivela or Maya Hansajati from the Victorian Institute of Yoga Education And Teacher Training on (03) 9533 1347 at your earliest convenience or

email: admin@viyett.com.au