Certificate of Yoga Philosophy

1 Year Part Time 200 Hours



Online Studies may be commenced at anytime time throughout the year.

This course is comprised of 200 hours of theory which is a combination of course contact time and home study. There are no formal requirements for this course, however, it is envisaged that students undertaking the course show a high level of maturity and a genuine interest in Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Art, History and Culture.   This course will provide participants with a solid foundation and a good understanding of all of the philosophical applications of yoga and an understanding of the major belief systems and philosophies that support yogic philosophy and Eastern thinking in the modern world.  It is an invaluable course for students of yoga as it provides them with a good understanding of the origins and applications of yoga and provides a broad understanding of the different philosophies and belief systems of the Eastern and Western worlds and the philosophies that underpin yoga.


This course can be studied by anyone at any time, there are no formal requirements.  The course is offered as an online study course and may be commenced at anytime throughout the year.  Students who successfully complete this course will be eligible for credits towards the Hatha Yoga Practitioner’s Course, The Diploma of Yoga Teaching and/or the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching. 

Course Provider

The Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training is the provider of this course. This course may be studied via distance learning regardless of where the student resides. There is no distance requirement for this course as per specific requirements of other courses offered by VIYETT.

The Director of VIYETT Maya Hansajati is a Senior Level 3 Yoga Teacher/Trainer.


For more information on this course, or to make bookings or if you would like to receive the 2020 VIYETT Student resource Handbook, please contact the Victorian Institute of Yoga Education And Teacher Training on (03) 9533 1347 or email: admin@viyett.com.au

Distance Learning Students may commence studies at any time throughout the year.

When there is only enjoyment, there is no release.  And when there is only release, there is no enjoyment.  But both worldly enjoyment and release are In the palm of the hand of those who are devoted to the “Higher Being”.