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"Distance Learning Students may commence studies at any time throughout the year."


The Subtle Body connects this world with the next.  There
is no single object or doctrine as important and lasting as the Subtle body, which provides a constant doorway to Liberation.




Distance Education




The Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training was established to provide quality education and training in the field of yoga education.

The aim of the organization is to promote the positive health benefits of yoga throughout the community and to provide educational programs that will assist those who currently practice yoga to gain a deeper understanding and experience of the many faceted paths and disciplines associated with yoga.

VIYETT also provides quality education and training for individuals wishing to expand their experience and knowledge of yoga and for those who also want to pursue a career as a professional yoga teacher.

Distance Education

VIYETT provides quality education and training for students living in remote areas of Australia and overseas via our distance learning and online education programs.  Distance education students may commence studies at any time throughout the year.  Courses currently available via distance learning include:

  • Hatha Yoga Practitioner Certificate
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Diploma of Yoga Teaching

Please contact the Institute to register in the course you are interested in or for advice on any individual training needs you may have.

Distance Education Coordinator
Sally Macgowan

Course Provider

The Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training delivers all courses relating to online studies.

Maya Hansajati is a Senior Level 3 Yoga Teacher/Trainer and is registered with Yoga Australia.

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"VIYETT Industry Leaders in Yoga Education and Teacher Training"






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Lead me from the
unreal to the real,
From darkness
to light,
From death to immortality.
May all beings
be happy,
May all beings attain oneness,
May all beings attain fulfillment,
May all beings
be peaceful,
May all beings
be free.

Om Shanti